Keep Pushin' 2015 The Remixes
Boris Dlugosch
BD Keep Pushin 2015 COVER

Nobody can deny the volatile nature of club music. Most tracks have a short life span and both – DJs and clubbers – can easily forget the ‘track of the night’ within hours of leaving a club.
So it is an exceptional thing if a song remains longer in the minds of clubbers and DJs. And as a producer you certainly hit the jackpot if you write a club track which turns into a ‘classic’. A solid tune that is always heard on the floor, no matter what country, no matter in which context and no matter who’s playing it. ’Keep Pushin’ by Hamburg based producer and DJ Boris Dlugosch is exactly this. A timeless classic – a club-anthem!
The song was released back in 1995, a time when House music from Germany was not that common on the international club circuit. It was Techno and only Techno. Nevertheless, Boris Dlugosch had a long-lasting reputation with House music simply by playing his favourite records at the legendary FRONT club in Hamburg during the late Eighties. He was one of the first DJs in Germany who was supporting Garage and Deep House music. And an article in a 1994 Billboard issue shines a bright light on Hamburg being The City of House Music in Germany.
Boris Dlugosch invited his heroes Frankie Knuckles, David Morales, Masters At Work and many others over to Hamburg and became great friends with them. When he met Tony Humphries during the 1995 Winter Music Conference in Miami, the legendary Kiss FM DJ got very excited about ‘Keep Pushin’ and immediately played the song on his legendary radio show (as did many of the US radio legends).
Several licensing deals took place and the credible New York based MAW Records signed ‘Keep Pushin’ for the US.
It was not only the vocal delivery by Inaya Day that made ‘Keep Pushin’ such a success, but the predominant bass line which ended up playing a huge role on the UK Garage scene.Twenty years later there is a whole generation of DJs who have re-discovered the immense power of ‘Keep Pushin’, so it is no wonder that Peppermint Jam is re-releasing the original remastered recording as well as some new remixes by the younger generation of DJs such as Oliver Dollar, Purple Disco Machine, Hamburg/Berlin duo Session Victim, Christian Nielsen and a mind-blowing 2015 version by Boris himself.Oh and did you know that Boris Dlugosch produced a few other club classics too? Just ask Roisin Murphy….