In 2006 the release of his exceptional début album introduced the world to the remarkable talent of James Kakande. The album was entitled “My Little Red Bag” and captured the imaginationof fans across the world. The lead single, “You You You” topped the Italian chartsfor 4 weeks and was choosen as the official anthem of the Trinidad & Tobagofootball team during the 2006 World Cup. James even featured on Mousse T’s 2006 album “All Nite Madness” with thehauntingliy beautiful “Just Look at Us Now”. He toured the world and performed with legends.But, only after choosing to take time out from the industry of music did James really find hisfulfillment. He spent time travelling, and living,all over the world. He reconnected with himself and his passion all overagain. He grew as a man and eveolved asa human being.And this is all reflected in the exceptionalmusic that he made along the way. His messageof positivity and love is infectious. While his talentand charm are unforgettable. Capable of captivating bothlarge and small audiences, this Urban Soul talent is a legend in the making.


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